About Us

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Fast Economic Mold

Focus on the design and manufacture of injection molds, die-casting molds, sheet metal molds and parts to serve fast-iterating, cost-sensitive product companies.

Strict Cost Control

We continue to improve the internal control level of the factory, stabilize the cost while expanding the scale, and have obvious regional advantages in the mold quotation.

Quality Assurance

We are a supplier to a number of listed companies and serve a number of entrepreneurial and innovative companies. We work with our customers to improve production and successfully finance.

Fast Delivery

We serve product companies that require rapid iteration. The mold T0 sample is delivered on average 12-20 days, saving you valuable time.


It has developed more than 300 sets of molds per year, and has rich development experience in consumer products, special equipment, medical equipment, and Internet of Things products.

Confidentiality Agreement

We strictly manage product drawings and process documents, and sign confidentiality agreements to prevent leakage of customer product information. Monitor production quantities in real time.